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Do you need a little extra direction in your life? I can pull back the curtain for you and reveal secrets about your future and your inner self to assist you in navigating your own personal path. I provide psychic readings in Schaumburg, IL to give you an exclusive peek at the advice and answers hidden in the spiritual world. I offer astrology readings, life readings, and palm readings to help you reach more informed decisions about your life.

My astrology readings reveal the context of your existence by helping you understand how the stars and planets are affecting you and the world around you. Learn about the relationship between the cosmic dance and the dance of life here on Earth. I will assess your own birth chart and the role the heavens have played in your previous experiences, as well as explore with you how they might affect your future.

During one of my life readings, we will discover together how multiple psychic forces are impacting you and what choices you can make that might allow you to let go of the past, delight in the present, and find inspiration for the future.

My palm readings will give you a chance to uncover the secrets that are hidden in the palm of your hand. Through the lines and features of your hands, I draw on my spiritual intuition to offer you guidance and understand the path your life is taking. You will be amazed at the answers you can find in your very own being—your body and mind know more than you might think!

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